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desibaba A Radiological Service Company,

Dean Imaging specialties,  is a full service provider on CT and MRI systems manufactured by GE, Toshiba and Picker. CT/I, Lightspeed, Prospeed, Sytec, PQ series, Aquilion, Asteion. We supply x-ray tubes and service worldwide directly & through Affiliates.

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rc drag racing parachute shopping Equipment: CT Mobile, CT Scanner, Dry Camera, Empty Trailer, IMRT, Magnet, Modular Building CT, Modular Building MRI, MRI Accessories, MRI Chiller, MRI Coil, MRI Coldhead, MRI Mobile, MRI Scanner, MRI Tools, MRI Trailer (w/o MRI),  Simulator, Therapy Planning, Vet. General, Wet Laser Camera, X-Ray Tube

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secr Services: Deinstallation, Installation, Mobile Equipment, Services, MRI Magnet Storage, Pre-Owned Equip Remarketer, Remanufacturer, Rebuilder, Rental Equipment, Repair, Maintenance, Service

Models Serviced: Aquilion 16, Aquilion 4, Aquilion 4/Quad, Aquilion 7.5mhu, Asteion 4, Asteion Single Slice, CTL Coil, DA 165PS Prospeed Tube, DA165 X Ray Tube, DA200 X Ray Tube, Flex Coil, Head Coil, Hitachi Practico CT scanner, IQ, IQ Xtra, Knee Coil, LAP CT-1-1 Lasers, LAP CT-1-3 Lasers, LAP CT 1 Lasers, LAP CT 3 Lasers, Lightspeed 16/Pro 16, Lightspeed Plus, Lightspeed QX/i, Lightspeed Ultra, Lightspeed VCT, MRP 7000, PQ2000, PQ5000, PQ6000, Profile II, Profile III, Prospeed 3.5mhu DA 165PS, Prospeed 3.5mhu MX165, Signa 1.0 CX K4, Signa 1.5 CX K4, Spine Coil, Sytec (2000, 3000, 4000)